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Dynamics And Kinematics Of Machine Lab ( Laboratory ) Equipments

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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Dynamics And Kinematics Of Machine Laboratory Equipments ( Lab Equipments ), Turn Table Apparatus, Balancing Of Reciprocating Masses, Epicyclic Gear Train And Holding Torque Apparatus, Coriolli's Component Of Acceleration Apparatus, Vibrating Platforms, Cam Analysis Machines, Whirling Of Shafts Apparatus, Universal Vib Lab Apparatus ( Universal Vibration Apparatus ) - For Conducting 11 Experiments, Slip And Creep Measurement Apparatus, Motorised Gyroscopes, Forced Vibrations Apparatus, Universal Governor Apparatus and our setup is situated in Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

Turn Table Apparatus
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Turn Table Apparatus:

The set-up is solely designed & developed for the students of Mechanical Engg., to experimentally determine the Moment of Inertia of a Disk And Ring in rotational motion.
For different masses the MI is determined experimentally and compared with theoretical values of MI of the disk & ring

Space Required : 1.5m. x 1m.

Balancing Of Reciprocating Masses
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Balancing Of Reciprocating Masses :

This set-up enables one to study and analyses the balance & unbalance of the reciprocating masses. In this a four cylinder in-line engine type model is used. An arrangement is provided to change the crank angle.

Space Required : 2.5m x 1.5m.

Epicyclic Gear Train And Holding Torque Apparatus
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Epicyclic Gear Train And Holding Torque Apparatus:

  • To measure epicyclic gear ratio between input shaft and output shaft
  • To measure epicyclic gear ratio between input shaft and holding drum
  • To measure input torque, holding torque and output torque
  • Coriolli's Component Of Acceleration Apparatus:

    It is designed to study & determine Coriollis Component of Acceleration of a slider crank mechanism, theoretically and experimentally.

    Space Required : 1.5m. x 1.5m.

    Vibrating Platforms
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    Vibrating Platforms :

    This Vibrating Table is a Single Axis table with vertical vibrations only. In this table the principle of variable frequency and variable amplitude is used.

    With the help of Vibrometer/Accelometer one can observe and note down the vibration acceleration and vibration velocity. It is essentially a sinusoidal waveform generator with the help of mechanical eccentric arrangement rotated with the help of 2 H.P. AC Motor.

    Cam Analysis Machine
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    Cam Analysis Machines :

    With the help of combination of provided cams and followers following experiments can be conducted. 

    • Plotting and Analysing of the X – q curve
    • The velocities and accelerations of the follower can be derived and hence inertia forces are plotted over the whole lift period.  The condition of follower bounce can clearly be shown by carrying out theoretical calculations and graphs from   X – q curve
    • The follower bounce can be observed by using a stroboscope (Not in scope of supply)
    • The tests can be repeated by changing compression springs, follower weights and cam  speed. 
    Typical Test Results   :  Jump speed decreases with increase in follower wts.
    Whirling Of Shafts Apparatus
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    Whirling Of Shafts Apparatus:

    Display of the various modes of whirl for a range of shafts with

  • Both ends directionally free
  • One end Fixed and the other free

  • Vib Lab
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    Universal Vib Lab Apparatus ( Universal Vibration Apparatus ) - For Conducting 11 experiments :

    VIB LAB, is useful to study various experiments and to verify the principles and relations pertaining to study of vibrations. In this apparatus frame and stand made out of thick MS channels are provided for conducting various experiments related to vibration. While designing special care is taken for quick and easy assembly and dismantling of experimental set-ups. Digital RPM Indicator is provided for measuring speed of the exciter unit.

    Slip And Creep Measurement Apparatus Slip And Creep Measurement Apparatus
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    Motorised Gyroscopes
    Motorised Gyroscopes
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    Cam Analysis Apparatus
    Cam Analysis Apparatus
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    Forced Vibrations Apparatus Forced Vibrations Apparatus
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    Universal Governor Apparatus Universal Governor Apparatus
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