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Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipments

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Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
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Emissivity Measurement Apparatus :

Types of Heat Transfer : 1. Conduction 2. Convection 3. Radiation

  • Determination of Emissivity of non black surface.
  • Study of variation of Emissivity of test plate with respect to absolute temperature.
  • Measurement and variation of electrical input with complete panelised instruments.
  • Elimination of instrumental error by using same measuring instruments for both the plates.
  • Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter & Temperature Indicator.

  • Space Required : 1m. x 1m.

    Balancing of Reciprocating Masses
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    Heat Transfer in Natural Convection :

  • Duct serves the purpose of undisturbed surrounding.
  • Complete panellised instrument for electric input.
  • Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter & Temperature Indicator.
  • To determine average heat transfer coefficient.
  • Calculate and plot variation of local heat transfer coefficient along the length of the tube.

  • Space Required : 1m. x 1m.
    Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
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    Thermal Conductivity Apparatus (By Two Slab Guarded Hot Plate Method) :

  • Design concept is according to Indian Standard (IS : 3346-1966). The dimensions are not exact as per standard.
  • Complete panelized electrical controls and measurement.
  • Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter & Temperature Indicator.
  • Determination of thermal conductivity of insulating material in the form of slab.
  • Study of variation of Thermal Conductivity of the material with temperature.
  • Comparison of Thermal Conductivities of various insulating material.

  • Space Required : 1m. x 1m.

    Parallel Flow / Counter Flow Heat Exchangers :

  • Determination of overall heat transfer coefficient for a tube-in-tube type heat exchangers.
  • To calculate :
  • a) Rate of heat transfer
    b) L.M.T.D.
    c) Theoretical overall heat transfer co-efficient.
  • To compare the performance of parallel flow & counter flow heat exchangers.

  • Space Required : 2.5m. x 1.5m.
    Turn Table
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    Refrigeration Tutor :

  • To demonstrate the basic vapour compression cycle of refrigeration.
  • To study theoretical cycle and plotting T.Q. and P.H. charts.
  • To study the properties at salient of the cycle.
  • To find out refrigerating effect and work input hence actual and theoretical C.O.P.

  • Space Required : 2m. x 1.5m.
    Air Conditioning Tutor
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    Air Conditioning Tutor :

  • To find out C.O.P. of refrigeration circuit used for air conditioning applications.
  • To study simple process of cooling, heating and humidification in air conditioning application.

  • Space Required : 3m. x 2m. x 2m.
    Whirleing of Shafts Apparatus
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    ICE Plant Tutor :

  • To study Ice Plant Refrigeration cycle.
  • To study various parameters affecting the freezing time.
  • To study the ice plant as a commercial unit.

  • Space Required: 4m. x 4m.

    Critical Flux Apparatus

    Critical Flux Apparatus
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    Composite Walls Apparatus

    Composite Walls Apparatus
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    Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe Apparatus

    Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe Apparatus
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